Marbella International Art Festival 2011

Marbella International Art Festival has become one of the most recognised festivals in Andalucia. Attracting over 20,000 visitors, the festival is taking place this year from 24 – 26 June.

Founded in 2009 by a dedicated group of Spanish and international residents, the Marbella International Art Festival, located in the Alameda Park and Avenida del Mar in the centre of Marbella, is now in its 3rd year and will bring 3 days of creativity and art from the various nationalities living on the coast .

The centre of Marbella will come alive in June with exhibitions and interactive stalls for the public as well as music performed by local groups entertaining you with Blues, Opera, Jazz and Dance.

Marbella International Art Festival includes:

* 3 days of exciting visual & performing arts
* 100+ artist tents filling the centre of Marbella with colour and life!
* 30+ live events, enjoyable street entertainment and fantastic music
* 25+ nationalities working together, sharing artistic experiences and supporting local community life
* 100+ media channels feature Arte Marbella each year
* 250,000 Euros* worth of extra activity generated each year for the economy (*Independent Estimate)

Marbella City Hall will support FIAM (Festival Internacional Arte Marbella) in the long-term, not only is the Marbella International Art Festival popular with the residents and visitors to Marbella, but is a clear metaphor for the cosmopolitan, multicultural lifestyle for which Marbella has become famous, as well as being a successful catalyst for the economy of the town centre. – José Luis Hernández García, Councillor for Tourism Marbella

For more information on the Marbella International Art Festival, please call: +34 677 167 310 or email:


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