Marbella Mayoress Ángeles Muñoz

Ángeles Muñoz, a member of Partido Popular, was officially sworn in as the Mayor of Marbella on 16th June 2007 after the local election, following the Malaya corruption case. With a huge challenge in the administrative front when the then mayor and deputy mayor were booked under money laundering property development offences, she certainly stood up for the test.

Born in Cordoba on January 20th 1960, Angeles served as a doctor after graduating in medicine from University of Cordoba in 1983. She first took a leave from her professional life and entered active politics when she became Deputy Mayor of Benahavís. And the following year, she was elected as a member of Andaluz Parliament in 1996.

As a member in the regional parliament and spokesperson on various committees on the behalf of her ruling party, Ángeles Muñoz took up many developmental and progressive steps. She was also appointed as Partido Popular’s regional executive for Andalucía in the same year 1996.

In 1997, she preferred to take up a position in the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, and hence left all other posts. She chaired the office of General Director of Migration Planning until 1999 in the José María Aznar government. In the same year she was elected as the Executive Secretary for Social Affairs at the Partido Popular’s National Executive meet.

After successfully competing for a seat in the Congress, Muñoz was appointed as the spokesperson in Congress for Social Affairs and continued with the same till January 2002. As far as her political interest in Marbella is concerned, she first contested in the election for the post of Marbella Mayor in 2003, but defeated to GIL (Independent Liberal Group) Party candidate Julián Muñoz.

Although Julián Muñoz won an absolute majority to govern Marbella, what followed is all disgrace with a string of financial and property development scandals. Julian was dismissed from the Town Hall with a vote of censure. Later in August 2003, the GIL party appointed a new mayor Marisol Yagüe but corruption never died down.

During that time, Ángeles Muñoz left all her national party posts to concentrate on her work as the spokes person in Marbella. In 2004, she returned to the Congress as a MP for Malaga. However, Muñoz and other councillors lost their seats when the City Council was dissolved in the wake of ingrained corruption in the public offices.

The “Operation Malaya” of 2006 unleashed the deep rooted corruption in this southern Spanish resort city. As part of the operation, police froze many back accounts, raided the offices of Marbella City Hall and other municipal offices with charges of irregularities in duty. Mayor Marisol Yagüe and her deputy Isabel García Marco also came under the hammer and were arrested.

Until May 2007 municipal elections, Marbella was governed by a special administrative body appointed by Malaga’s provincial government. And this time in a wave of change, Partido Popular emerged as the winner in local election and Ángeles Muñoz became the Mayor of Marbella.

Till today, she has been actively involved in a lot of populist policies to make Marbella corruption free and work for the development of the region.

One of the most important decisions during her tenure is the Marbella urban plan (PGOU) and the controversial demolition drive against the illegal properties. The issue is yet to be resolved completely as the Court and the Town Hall have varied opinion on legalisation of certain properties.

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