Marbella Open City stresses on business integration

Recently, the Marbella City Council has presented a project named “Marbella Open City” which is, in fact, a campaign aimed at corporate and social integration of the international community living in the municipality. It is an attempt to bring 137 nationalities living in Marbella into the business mainstream, directly or indirectly.

The project will include different course of action for better cooperation and participation of international community for the economic and urban development of Marbella. With the approval of Marbella PGOU Urban Plan, the town hall is encouraging investors to see Marbella as one of the key business points along the Costa del Sol.

Describing the international community as an “an enriching factor”, the City Council stresses that “Marbella Open City” is a mechanisms for achieving a bright future and in this sense, it is essential to further collaboration with different nationalities who are living in the city.

Moreover, Marbella mayoress Angeles Munoz closed the trading of NASDAQ in New York City and this was a part of institutional promotion, where Munoz had emphasised on the economic potential of Marbella on the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition, as per a Govt report, in the first quarter of this year the number of homes that have sold in Marbella and the subsequent payment of capital gains has been most significant since 2006. It is certainly a sign of recovering economy which is vital to regain the trust of investors.

Even the Annual Entrepreneur Assembly Marbella, to be held on April 14th (at El Palacio de Congresos), is also a part of government initiative to integrate both local and international business by various means for the expansion of growth prospective of the town. All in all, “Marbella Open City” symbolizes an open market with numerous business possibilities to look for.

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