Marbella PGOU to aid educational infrastructure

Mayoress Angeles Munoz on Tuesday (March 09) announced the City Council plan to invest over 250,000 sq metres of land for the development of educational facilities. This will definitely improve the educational infrastructure of the city, thereby opening many more options for students.

The proposal which is under the new Urban Plan (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana-PGOU) is to focus on the overall development of the region. “It may push the projects needed to retrofit the city with schools and colleges that accurate,” Munoz said.

With the approval of PGOU by the Andalucía Territorial Planning Commission, now there is more land available than ever before. Hence, the local administration can think of using some in various public development works like education, roads, community service etc.

The Mayor of Marbella also informed that the town hall is planning to bring educational facilities in those reserve land in San Pedro Alcantara (both north and in the south), Nueva Andalucía, Nagüeles, Belo Horizonte, Las Chapas, Marbella center, north, Bullring and Trapiche.

It is also said that for many years, despite rising demands, schools were not made or expanded due to the lack of soil. However, as the Mayor assured, the autonomous government “will no longer have an excuse to invest immediately in specific budget items to build new schools and colleges” because the General Plan now includes all parcels subject to house educational facilities.

The mayor noted that the City will send a full dossier to the Andalusian plots with the relationship of education provided in the General Plan and has stated that Marbella is one of the places most worthy investment in this area.

After decades long corruption cases in local councils, this beautiful Costa del Sol town of Marbella has finally retained its legitimacy from the land mafias with the approval of Urban Plan PGOU. Out of a total of 18,000 illegal properties, 16,500 have now been legalised on certain conditions, in which either the developers paid fine or gifted land to the Town Hall.

Of the 1,500 illegal properties, not fully occupied or completed, are excluded from the new plan and waiting for complete demolition. However, the status of 500 illegal building structures (including those 297 Banana Beach apartments) is more complex. Junta wants these demolished but the Town Hall doesn’t want a bad publicity thereafter; the matter is in the court.

The new plan has outlined many things including increased size of Green Zone to a total of 4.8 million square metres, where no construction of any kind is allowed, and limited number of new properties except some low-cost affordable housing (near about 10,000).

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