“Marbella Photo Press” talks journalistic photography

Photography has a profound impact on our life, and journalistic photography in the present and the most recent past has been a key element in news presentation by bringing the story into life with images. Looking at the aspect, the municipal unit of Culture and Education on Thursday (April13) launched the conference “Marbella Photo Press”.

The event will be take place between April 15 and 22 at the (Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores) Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Center. It will bring the world of photojournalism from the perspective of professional work in the city.

As per the information mentioned in the official Town Hall website, the activity will include two panel discussions and an exhibition entitled “Instantaneas” (Snapshots) in which local photographers will address the profession from the point of view of the daily press and the paparazzi.

The first panel discussion titled “the profession of a photographer in the daily press” [La profesión del fotógrafo en la prensa diaria] will be on April 15 starting from 20.00 pm. Andrew Lanza, Miñana Francisco, Jose Marpy, José Sánchez “Josele”, Juan Zarzuela and José Manuel Bermudo will take part as moderator.

On April 22, the second discussion entitled “paparazzi” will be moderated by José Manuel Bermudo along with the participation of Jorge Ogalla, Diego Arrabal, Juan Carlos Teuma, Enrique López Costa and Francisco Garcia Cacho.

Finally, activities of Marbella Photo Press will be complimented with a photography workshop. Certainly, both photography and photojournalism have changed a lot with the advent of new technologies. Despite the presentation of videos or moving images, the photographic medium has also undergone changes and it is still a vital medium of information for mass readership.

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