Marbella Solicitors

Legal System Spain‘Living and working’ in Spain invites many legal, financial and personal matters to the notice of concerned law, and in that case a professional legal adviser can better guide you for an amicable solution. Taking help of a Spanish lawyer is must in dealing with cases related to property, immigration, tax returns and various other personal legal needs. In Marbella, the popular resort town of Costa del Sol, there are a good number of professionals and companies available for your assistance.

From obtaining your Spanish national identification number, buying property, doing business, and fulfilling tax to a whole gamut of financial obligations, a Spanish lawyer or Abogado can better channel the required things. You can easily hire a licensed English-speaking Spanish lawyer for some of the following matters.

Real Estate: Whether you plan to buy a new Spanish property or wish to sell an apartment in Marbella, a solicitor is a must who can direct you about the entire procedure. Dealing with a large sum of money and complicated legal formalities can really be confusing to many and hence an independent Spanish lawyer can better protect your interest.

If you are buying a property, a lawyer will assist you checking the details of the property, land registry issues, and taxes to be paid in terms of VAT, Transfer Tax, etc. In case of selling a property, a lawyer helps you fulfil tax obligations like Plusvalia and before setting for a deal. A solicitor acting on your behalf makes all documentation right and presents it in front of the Public Notari.

You can seek professional advice for your investment in Marbella property market and dealing tenancy issues while renting your apartment of villa. Besides, many Marbella based Spanish lawyers also offers help in mortgage negotiation, making it easier in obtaining good interest rate according to your personal needs and property valuation.

Legal: From preparing NIE number, obtaining immigration and work permits, to making Spanish Wills and disposing usual court or business matters, in all cases you need legal assistance. Professional legal advisors in Marbella and surrounding areas give you all details in order to facilitate the process.

For instance you want to make a declaration or future disposal of your property; here a lawyer assists you in documenting your wishes for your property inheritance which will be governed as per your wishes and the rules of the land. Similarly, if you want to set up a business in Marbella, a solicitor introduces you with the Spanish rules and regulation. The legal advisor also guides you in developing the business structure, taking into consideration the law and taxation details.

This apart, there are legal services for car accidents, insurance claims, consumer disputes, property disputes, legal proceedings in a court, etc. If you are non-resident and don’t understand Spanish language, an English-speaking solicitors will support you in protecting your rights.

There are a whole lot of personal needs such as marriage, divorce, in-migration, property disputes, travel hindrance, Spanish social security claim, etc. those need a lawyer’s assistance. In case you are on a trail for traffic rule violation or any other, you have the only option in asking the lawyer for better guidance in submitting your defence in court.

Tax: Solicitors in Marbella also help you in calculating your tax return and advise you to pay taxes on time to avoid late payments and fines. As nobody wants to deal with tax affairs and its intricacies, an abogado in Spain design and sets your tax return structure, keeping in mind your finance and tax liabilities.

Whether it is for your individual income tax, corporate income tax or tax payment during sale of a property as Capital Gain Tax (applicable for non-residents), among others, also need legal assistance to be dealt with promptly.

Marbella being one of the sought after tourist destinations and second home to many foreigners, there are many private law firms established in the coastal zone and the city centre to extend service to the ever growing expat community and the locals alike. Fees of abogados depend on particular cases and the time involved; however, you can always find someone on hourly bills or on flat fees.

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