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Marbella Solidaria is an autonomous body attached to the Town Hall with an aim to offer public welfare service in the Prevention and Treatment of Addictions to the municipality of Marbella. Although it took shape as a private entity during the 90’s, it came under the municipal body in June 2007 with certain budget allocation but remained a self-governing entity.

The Organization is working in the treatment of all types of addiction with a mission to address the major problem of drug addiction in Marbella. As a foundation of social service, it involves preventive action, social reintegration of drug abusers and addicts, in addition to all kinds of legal problems related to this subject.

Professional managers from various academic backgrounds, including university students form a multidisciplinary team to pursue various welfare programmes for the care of people with addiction problem.

Some of the major activities of the Marbella Solidaria Foundation constitute the following programmes:

– Development activities covering the entire course of treatment through various pilot programmes which contribute to formulate the best method of treatment and counselling.

– Research on the consequence of the misuse of narcotic substances and its effect in the overall society. And also research on the causes of abuses of such psychotropic substances and methods of prevention, treatment and care of people affected.

– Actions related to gather and disseminate information and educate people, in addition to the counselling of drug addicts and enhancement of social cooperation for their coexistence.

Academicians and professionals with specific degrees in addictions, medics and psychiatrists offer healthcare and counselling services to the patient. It not only provides therapeutic prevention and treatment to addicts of heroine, cocaine and cannabis but also alcohol, tobacco, sex and non-substance addictions like gambling and teenage obsession with internet.

For these reasons, Marbella Solidarity Foundation has a strong base of research work and it is not separable from the clinical practice. The priority of all kinds of research activities is to maintain an updated source of information on the evolution of the phenomenon of addiction in Marbella, so that a better understanding of the needs of people addicted can be developed thereby providing different services and improving accessibility to them.

The Foundation also aims to bring different social agents like community, school, family, business, media, etc. to participate in various prevention actions as a way of extending this programme. It is also open to collaboration with other government and private institutes along with international cooperation programmes in activities related to the purpose of the foundation.

Centres: Although the Foundation is trying to establish more care centres, as of now, there are two major addiction care centres in Marbella (La Patera, Plaza Juan) and San Pedro (Fuentenueva Urb) which follow a scientific method of operation and protocol, based on an individualized assessment of the patient, leading to the development of Treatment Plan.

Detailed information can be accessed from the following address:

Marbella Solidaria
Carretera de Istan
Tel: 952 82 71 93 / 952 78 66 53
29600 MARBELLA (Málaga)

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