Marbella to integrate local and int’l business

Looking at the magnitude of tourism in Marbella and the business related, the City Council, through the municipal delegation of Tourism, has launched an advisory group to advance economic development. Named the “Think Tank Advisory Group”, efforts will be made to facilitate business in cooperation with international trade possibilities.

With the aim of bringing together the international business sector about an integration project in cooperation with the Center Tourist Initiative (ILC) in Marbella, the project seeks to expand the growth prospective of the town and its surroundings.

Explaining the prospective of such new initiatives, Councillor for Tourism, Jose Luis Hernandez stressed on the significance of local and international business incorporation by involving both foreign business community and residents of the town.

Recalling the fact of 137 nationalities living in Marbella, he emphasized on a joint action that has certainly the potential to achieve maximum integration and then the overall growth of Spanish business. “This must be integrated to become a rich resource, not an element of division,” he further added.

It is also outlined that the initiative will comprise representatives and business groups on various domestic and international organisations which include the British Chambers of Commerce, German-American Club, Dutch Business Club, in addition to individual entrepreneurs.

The “Think Tank Advisory Group” has already become operational and the first appointment will take place on April 14 at the Trade Fair and Congress (Palacio de Ferias y Congresos) with the convening of the First Annual International Business Association of Marbella.

The advisory group also works on other actions and activities to achieve its objectives. Among them are the proposal to hold a trade show for Spanish and foreign entrepreneurs with an aim to look for companies with a complementary profile to develop joint business projects.

Besides, it is also expected to initiate networking and socialising activities during the golf tournaments with cooperation from various clubs in Marbella, which will allow the City Council to have a permanent and direct business contact. Moreover, specialised language classes, which are highly demanded by foreign businessmen, and an advisory service on public grants and applicable to businesses are also in the card to be espoused in the initial phase.

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