Massage Cocktail at Home

Massage and wellbeing centres in Marbella and other regions in Costa del Sol bring a whole range of holistic treatments and massage cocktail services delivered at your home.

Costa del Sol with its unique Mediterranean weather and luxurious establishments is one of the nicest places for trying out a variety of alternative health and treatments.

If you are willing to try, or enjoy, several massage types and all this at your own comfort, a massage cocktail at home is the best option. You choose what treatment you want and fully qualified massage professionals will be at your service.

Therapeutic massage treatment provides relaxation, relieve tension and simply helps to maintain a good health and achieve a balanced lifestyle in your daily busy live.

Relax the body with a massage cocktail

Rejuvenate yourself with a massage cocktail

Experience Box Spain has created this exclusive package and during this one hour massage, you can start with 10 minutes of back relaxing massage, then 20 minutes of Swedish massage, then 10 minute moisturising, lifting and toning facial, and end up with 20 minutes of enlightening head massage.

Whatever you want, just choose in the list of available treatments (mini manicure and pedicure also available).

There are many health benefits to receiving such therapy and a massage cocktail at home saves your travel time while reducing the level of stress associated with your daily life and work.

For further information on this massage cocktail service, please click here

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