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Living in this area, with all its cultural and artistic history and variety, we are spoilt for choice for museums. There are enough around to occupy a whole winter of rainy Saturday afternoons-or more likely a whole summer of boiling hot ones! Museums are definitely the place to escape the extremes of weather we have here!

This area was settled by all and sundry in the past and all this influences have left their mark and evidence remains in museums and in outdoor archaeological sites. Starting of in Malaga The Picasso Museum is a must with over 200 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and graphic works from all of his periods and styles.

Two hundred items might sound a lot but this is a compact place and is so full of his amazing view of life that you won’t suffer from that dreaded “museumitis” –you know when your legs turn to jelly and you think you can’t stand up for one minute longer-or is that just me? The museum is in the old town and costs a reasonable 8 euros. The trip can be easily combined with a visit to his birth place (casa natal) in the nearby Plaza de la Merced.

Still in Malaga Province and just a short journey into the mountains the Museo Taurino in Ronda will surely satisfy all your bull fighting history queries. This is inside the oldest bullring in Spain and so provides some great photo opportunities for the kids playing at matadors.

The exhibit itself could be thought of as a little macabre e.g. black suit of lights worn by a matador while mourning his mother and the gory bloodstained suit a matador died in! Ronda also boasts several other interesting museums; the Municipal one that has very interesting changing exhibitions and my favourite, the Museo de los Bandoleros-the bandits museum. This is full of guns and pistols and waxwork models of the famous bandits who, until quite recently, ran riot in the mountains around Ronda. Curro Jimenez, the most famous of them, still captures the imaginations of all little boys. Another great place for children!

Coming into the Province of Cadiz, just a couple of hours drive away from Marbella, you couldn’t do better than spend the day visiting some of Jerez’s museums. Start of with the Bodega Museum, follow it up with a visit to the Museo de Arte Flamenco (full of wonderful dresses) and then in the afternoon visit the clock, the archaeological or the Andalusian Horses museum! Well not really all in one day! Also not to be missed on the Costa de la Luz are the fantastic remains of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia in Bolonia near Tarifa. This also has a sweet little museum-although a huge new monstrous ¨visitor centre¨ is being built right behind the remains. Talk about monstrous carbuncle as Prince Charles would say!

San Roque in Cadiz has an excellent museum covering the Phoenician and Roman City of Carteia, discovered nearby and now half under the refinery. This museum also holds artefacts from the original population of Gibraltar who fled to San Roque after the British invasion in 1704.The town also has a bullfighting museum housed in the recently restored bull ring. In fact lots of towns in the area have these e.g. Estepona, La Linea, Cordoba etc.

Further a field Granada houses the Casa-Museos of both Manuel de Falla and Federico Garcia Lorca as well as the Museo de La Alhambra. Huelva although a morning´s drive has two very interesting industrial museums in Rio Tinto-the Museo Minero(mining) and the Museo Ferroviario de Riotinto (old locomotives from the British built railway line). These give a great insight into the development of RTZ-one of the worlds biggest mining companies.

However the main thing not to overlook is that virtually all local villages and towns have their own religious and ethnographic exhibitions in their sometimes small but always interesting, Museo Municipales. You don’t need to travel far!

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