New initiative to promote Marbella Historical Centre

In a new initiative to promote and give boost to the already running tourist activities in the Costa del Sol town, the City Council of Marbella has launched a series of new measures in the historic centre which will take place throughout the year. The Mayoress Ángeles Muñoz last Monday (February 15) unveiled the timetable for action, stressing the need to allure more tourists to the historic quarter.

The primary aim of this battery of cultural and tourist programmes by the Government is to prop up city sightseeing, especially in the historical centre in order to revitalize tourism in Marbella. As a part of the process, various municipal offices have been instructed to work together with retailers and restaurateurs in the area to start a campaign that promotes the historic centre and promote access and consumption in traditional settlements.

Just in line with the recent campaign ‘Marbella is a gift’, the municipal authority will have a meeting with tourist operators to bring out the possibilities in cruising passengers coming through the port of Malaga to Marbella. Marbella historical centre has immense amount of travel attraction, representing rich historical and cultural legacy.

Among some of the primary actions that the City will undertake in the Historic Center include the lighting of the tower of the Church of the Incarnation, the improvement of the Plaza del Ejido by removing the existing wall and installation of albero a floor of beautification of the stairs going up to the street Carmen Castillo.

Furthermore, some additional sights will also be taken into consideration for beautification. The councillor has also ruled that a multidisciplinary team of municipal workers will be appointed to work permanently in the maintenance of such landmarks in the Historic Centre with the immediate repair of any damage.

In addition, there will be a series of permanent exhibitions in the district headquarters in Salinas Street, which will be opened with the “40 years of basketball in Marbella” and continue till March with “Women and Sport” along with panel discussions.  Then there will be Children’s Carnival, Guignol Festival, and during the months of April, May and June a host of activities will be organised with the participation of schools in Marbella.

A series of concerts with performances of jazz, soul, classical music, fashion shows, art exhibitions and photo competition will dominate the summer months of July and August.  Besides, visitors will get chance to tour the specially arranged flea market every Sunday.

For better promotion the City Council has conducted a census of all retailers in the area to maintain a permanent contact with them, inform them of all events, and provide the possibility for their suggestions.

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