Paintball Adventure in Marbella

Paintball adventure in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Recognised as one of the best recreational adventure games, paintball adventure in Marbella and other areas of Costa del Sol offer a unique holiday and travel experience.

As the game is even played worldwide with professional leagues and players, any such activity with full of action certainly adds more amusement to your holiday.

Playing a fast-paced game of paintball in Marbella gives you an exciting opportunity to enjoy the sport in a relaxing Mediterranean weather of the town, while making the most out of your vacation.

Paintball game has been a preferred recreation option for both family as well as corporate holiday makers. It’s all for fun, however, you get to know about various skill sets such as defence mechanism and team building under the guidance of instructor.

Experience paintball adventure in Marbella

Equipped with all kinds of equipments and facilities, there are several paintball fields on the coast set in natural settings.  Whether you are planning for a teenage party, birthday party or a corporate day out; paintball adventure in Marbella promises heart thumping action on the coast.

Experience Box in association with several paintball fields on the Coast, brings you this ultimate all action gift with an exclusive package: 800 balls to shoot, for 2 people!

All protective clothing and equipment are provided by the organiser, then after your safety brief it’s straight into the battle zone. Newly developed high-tech paintball markers are capable of 8 balls per second with a shooting range of 100m.

In the game of paintball, you will have to attack your enemies in the other team and conquer their territory with the aim of retrieving their flag.

More info on paintball adventure in Marbella can be obtained here.

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