Parque de La Alameda Marbella

The Alameda Park (Parque de La Alameda) is one of the interesting and tourist friendly parks and gardens in Marbella.  Located right in the centre of the town, the park is full of exotic trees and flowering plants that makes an ambience best for just seat and relax.

La Alameda is just few minutes’ walk from the Marbella Old Town and the Paseo Maritimo boardwalk alongside the beach. Many locals and tourists alike find this relaxing to spend some time in full tranquillity amidst the lush appearance.

On the interior border of La Alameda, you will find several ceramic tiled benches, each decorated with painting depicting life and history of Marbella. Visitors prefer to stroll inside through the marble paths.

Parque de La Alameda is also one of the stoppage points from where you can horse carriage to take a city tour or enjoy sandwiches and snacks at the local favourite Cafeteria Marbella.

As rightly described, La Alameda Park is a “historic green area” of the city, and a space where over the centuries sought recreation and rest marbelleros many generations. Today it is only shown as a small botanical garden.

All in all, if you want to catch the true colours of this Park, come during the annual Feria in mid-June when the garden comes alive with numerous activities including live music, dance and open air bars.

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