Paseo Maritimo Marbella

Paseo Maritimo, the 6 km long promenade is a popular tourist spot and a part of the 25km long Marbella’s coastline and beaches. Festooned with palm trees, beautiful buildings, shops, outdoor cafes and restaurants, the boardwalk is a pleasant place to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

With lovely views of sea and cool Mediterranean breezes, Paseo Maritimo of Marbella is an excellent amusement area with all kinds of tourist facilities. All along the long walk lane, you will find book stalls, cinemas, malls, and eateries that serve excellent Andalusian and international cuisines, including Spanish tapas.

Both locals and tourists flock to this place to enjoy the lovely views over the beaches while taking sip of their favourite wine and cocktail. Besides, there are some small souvenir shops from where you can buy a variety of local handmade products, while few minutes in those lovely and beautifully designed gardens is just pleasant and peaceful.

The Paseo is no doubt pretty much popular amongst all visitors and this is the reason that the local government is giving special attention to each tourist friendly development in the region by bringing more and more facilities like showers on the beaches, public toilets, parking and tourist information centre.

Due to its scenic settings, Paseo Maritimo is listed amongst the main tourist attractions of Marbella and remains crowded all round the year. Travellers prefer to either walk along the promenade or just enjoy cycling and skating while watching fellow travellers pass by, the lovely sandy beach and the trimmed trees alongside the street.

So the next time you visit Marbella, Paseo Maritimo is undoubtedly one of the tourist sites you should not miss. The walkway best represents the name of Marbella as Beautiful Sea, and there is lot to see and do along the beach all day long. Just spend few hours at the Paseo to get full value of your visit to Marbella!

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