Pastry Workshop in Estepona

El Campanario Golf and Country House are holding a 3 day Pastry Workshop on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May from 6pm – 9pm.

The Pastry Workshop is being given by their very own Chef Ricardo from Monday to Wednesday and you will be shown how to create exquisite pastry, from light cakes and buns to profiteroles, brownies as well as bread and chocolates or black forest cake and much more.

Pastry Workshop:

The cost for the Pastry Workshop is 150€ per person for the 3 days.


Biscuits and creams
Plum Cake
Light biscuits
Biscuits for cakes
Pastry cream


Sourdough baking and pasta choux
Swiss rolls


Creamy chocolate
Black Forrest Cake

Pastry Trivia:

The ancient Egyptians made the first pastries out of grain meal flavoured with honey, fruits and spices. Although the Greeks and Romans went on to improve these early recipes, it was in the Middle East that pastries were developed into something more artistic.

In the 7th century, pastries were first brought to Europe during the Muslim invasion and promptly caught the imagination of European chefs.

Churros, popular in Spain and South America, are coil-shaped, fritter-like pastries that were named after the churra sheep by Spanish shepherds because the pastry resembled the sheep’s horns.

For more information and to reserve your place on the Pastry Workshop, please call: +34- 952 904 233 or email:

Urb. El Campanario
El Campanario Golf and Country House
Crta. De Cadiz N-340, Km 168
Estepona 29680

For more details on El Campanario Golf and Country House, please visit their website:


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