Plaza de Toros Exhibition

Running until the 2nd November, the Library at the Real Maestranza de Caballeria will be presenting the exhibition of the 225 year history of The Plaza de Toros in Ronda.

About The Plaza de Toros in Ronda:

The Plaza de Toros (bullring) in Ronda, is one of the oldest working bullrings in Spain. The arena has a diameter of 66 metres (217 ft) and is surrounded by a passage formed by two rings of stone. There are two layers of seating, each with five raised rows and 136 pillars that make up 68 arches and the Royal Box has a sloping roof covered in Arabic tiles.

Designed by architect, Martin de Aldehuela, construction took 6 years, starting in 1779 and finishing in 1785. It stands on the west edge of Ronda, about two blocks from Puente Nuevo and the El Tajo canyon.

Because of its rural location and the small size of the surrounding town of Ronda, this bullring does not host as many bullfights as Sevilla does, for example. The Plaza de Toros in Ronda is open to the public, charging a small admission fee and can hold 1,250 spectators.

Orson Wells and Ernest Hemmingway have both spent time in Ronda and in 1994, US singer Madonna shot her video, Take A Bow, in the bull fight arena, and planned to invite fans to take part as extras, but just before shooting, the idea was rejected.

Many famous bullfighters have come from Ronda including the legendary Ordonez family. To understand the history of bullfighting, this exhibition taking place at the Real Maestranza de Cabelleria Library is a must.

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