Raw Chocolate Workshop

choc1ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATE? Imagine if you’re naughty indulgences could meet your nutritional needs. These raw organic chocolates are both nutritious and delicious.

The healthy way to satisfy those chocolate cravings we all love, tempered for texture, filled with creative natural fillings … all the great flavor, with none of the guilt 🙂

We’ll teach you:
– About the history and benefits of chocolate
– How to make tempered chocolates
– How to fill chocolates
– To make your own fillings
– To create different textures in chocolate
– You’ll eat chocolate 🙂
– You’ll make and take home your own chocolates
– You’ll be able to buy more chocolates ingredients to make your own chocolate at home and gift packs.

Cost 40 euros per person

Contact Details for this event
michelle julian


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