RECALIBRATE Launches Life-Transforming Programme in Marbella

headshotcolourRecognise, Realise …and Recalibrate!

Do you feel stuck but don’t know how to move forward?

A new, life-transforming programme that launches this June will teach you how, when personal development professional, Hollie Rolla brings her company Recalibrate to Marbella. Hollie doesn’t just teach you how to change; she helps you realize how you got stuck in the first place. As she says, Recalibrate is “solution-focused.”

Hollie created the transformational Recalibrate programme following a “light-bulb” moment in her own life. After a number of years during which Hollie struggled with finding the meaning and purpose in her own life, she spent six years researching, studying and trying various personal growth teachings until she found a combination that worked. Since then she’s traveled the world teaching her technique and was invited to share her ideas with clients at The Priory in Roehampton. Hollie says: “I want to share my learning and experience to empower people to live fulfilling, balanced and authentic lives”.

Hollie’s Recalibrate concept is delivered through a four-day residential workshop and one and two day non-residential workshops. Retreat and workshop locations will move up and down the coast to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part. Hollie anticipates that the residential retreats will attract participants from overseas, as well as local residents.

The four-day residential retreats are suitable for everyone and Hollie says: “We combine talks, teachings and interactive exercises, complimented with daily recreation/ physical exercise and reflection practices, to stimulate, nurture and balance mind body and spirit”

Hollie’s one and two day non-residential workshops are on popular topics, such as: love and relationships, the power of the mind and perception and value determination are just a few of the proposed themes.

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