Renting an Apartment/Residence in Spain

Home and Apartments in Spain

It is quite obvious “Why” there is such a mass influx of foreigners moving to Spain. People are drawn to the rich culture, the fantastic climate, the laidback lifestyle, the friendly locals, but also by the rich variety of natural beauty to be found in the mountains and on the coast, as well as the plethora of activities to choose from. Spain offers a rich history and culture blended perfectly with modern day living to suit all needs.

These are the top reasons why so many people are choosing to make Spain their new home. At this moment in time, there are also many economic incentives as well, especially for those coming from places like the UK where the currency is still going further than all others. The expanding base of new businesses and opportunities make the move to Spain even more inviting. Yet, “How” and “Where” one makes the move are not quite as obvious.

Relocating to Spain in itself is a monumental leap. The transition into living that international lifestyle is so much easier when you have information and resources in hand to avoid common pitfalls, giving you more time to properly settle in. Once you have decided what area you want to live in, there are many avenues to follow in finding your new home which may either be temporary until you purchase a home, or permanent.

The best way to start looking for rentals is to read the classified sections of local newspapers, check the on-line listings, or go to the local estate agents (immobilarias). Word of mouth is always great too, asking around at local pubs and cafes you are likely to run into some possibilities, maybe even at a cheaper price than public listings on web sites or immobilarias….but always check out the place in person, what “sounds” great may, in fact, be a renter’s nightmare.

The rental properties available vary in price and style from luxury villas to charming country houses and city apartments. Seeking the assistance of an immobilaria may be useful if you don’t speak Spanish since many agents speak English.

Attempting to figure out rental agreements and what the rent consists of (with or without utilities, etc) can be more than frustrating, often ending in an unhappy rental situation. Also, short term rentals (under 11 months) will always be more expensive than long term through the agencies. And, like most agencies they will require a commission (usually one months rent) in addition to the standard one month rent plus one month’s rent as deposit….that’s three months rent up front, yikes!

Rent in Spain is affordable, generally speaking, however location (coast vs. inland and rural vs. city center) will definitely have an impact on the rental cost. The general rule is, the more remote, the less expensive. House rentals or apartments can often be equivalent in terms of cost, again, this depends on “where” you are looking. You may be looking look for a modern or centrally located apartment with all the amenities (parking, swimming pool, etc) that is close to shopping, lively bars and cafes or even the beach.

Alternatively, many foreigners moving to Spain seek a country farmhouse retreat in the “campo” (country) and a Spanish rural lifestyle, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the cities and popular beach towns. The area where you decide to live will have a big impact upon your lifestyle, so there are a few things you should think about while you look for a new home.

Whether you are in the campo or city center your dream place may be that of the charming white house with overflowing bougainvillea, a lovely tiled Moorish fountain in the entry way and terra cotta tiled roof and patio but keep in mind that these places are OLD and very rarely offer the amenities we are used to. Water pressure may be quite pitiful (not helped by the lime build up), very dark and not many electrical outlets to aid the light situation, no insulation or heating system (thus freezing in the winter). This is not to say that the older places should be discounted, just that you should be practical and really look for what you need and

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