Seat Marbella

Marbella is so famous, it even has a great car named after it!

The history behind the short life of the Seat Marbella is that initially it was a direct clone of the Fiat Panda but in later years due to a break in the relationship between Fiat and Seat, the Seat Marbella model never received the mechanical upgrades of it twin so was discontinued.

The Seat Marbella was only in production for 3 years (1983 until 1986).

This special classic car borrowed heavily from its cousin, the Fiat Panda using engine and transmissions from the esteemed Fiat 127.

Seat Marbella and its 40bhp engine

In the day, the engine was a boisterous 40 bhp with a 903cc engine. The Seat Marbella weighs only 700 kilograms so the light weight engine was sufficient.

There were different versions of the Seat Marbella including models, L, Special, GL and GLX.

The Seat Marbella sold very well in Spain and due to Fiats long development history of the engine, the Seat Marbella engine proved to be very reliable under normal everyday use.

A commercial version of the Seat Marbella until the late 90’s and was called the ‘Seat Terra’ and it was almost identical but the back was replaced by a large metal box.

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