Seminar on Andalusian Art history

On Thursday (April 15), the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings, at the old Bazan Hospital in the historic city centre of Marbella, is going to host a seminar titled the Past and Present of Andalusian Art (Presente y Pasado del Arte Andaluz). The seminar will focus on print and graphic works of art in the context of the last four centuries.

The event brings three eminent art lovers and academicians to the fore to discuss and share their knowledge on Andalusian art, culture, and history. The event starts at 18:00 with a lecture by Fernando Martín Martín, Professor of Contemporary Art of Seville University, who will talk on the leading role of Andalusian art and creativity in the decade of enthusiasm.

Since the phenomenon of postmodernism and aware of the Andalusian context, the talk analyzes the cultural emergence and role of the principal authors, whose work first reached a recognized identity and also noting a new aesthetic and social perspective.

At 19:00, speaker Bernardo Palomo Pachón, who is also an eminent art critic, will throw light on the unstable period of Modern Art in Andalusia. He will discuss on the artists, the institutions and the philosophy which shaped the future of Modern Art in the coast of Mediterranean.

Besides, speaker Magdalena Illán Martín, Professor of the University of Seville (Department of Art History), will talk about Andalusian artist and the evolution of contemporary fine art in the pursuit of equality to the claim of difference.

The Andalusian visual artists have come through complicated journey that has led to the pursuit of gender equality in consideration of their career choice and the assessment of the work, to the vindication of a creative condition unlike their male counterparts.

Proposals related or not marked by gender, this conference offers an approach to the contemporary art scene in Spain, with the central focus on production and printing of the creators of Andalusia.

For more information you may contact the museum official in the following address:

Spanish Engravings Museum
C/Hospital Bazán 29600
Tel.: 952 76 57 41

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