Simon Jordan of Puncturesafe

Our marbella people interview today is with Simon Jordan.

So Simon, What do you do for a living?

In 2008, I established and introduced the Puncturesafe business concept to the Spanish market being a franchiser. Ever since, I am running quite successfully and I expanded the business into many exciting areas with a wonderful variety of clients and business partners. Puncturesafe is a great product that prevents people from ever having a puncture in their tyres, which leads to more safety and costs efficiency.

What made you move to the Costa del Sol?

Life sort of took me here by coincidence. When I arrived I realised what a fantastic place this is. I love the international mix of people here and the weather.

Tell us your greatest business or personal accomplishment?

I think that would be the moment when I had got the wonderful opportunity and ability to set up and start a business for my own. To run Puncturesafe España for almost 2 years now, in a quite unstable business environment is in my opinion a big achievement.

Why would you recommend the Costa del Sol for business and Lifestyle?

That would be the excellent weather, and the relaxed attitude. Moreover, I feel attracted to the great mix of all kinds of different nationalities. The relaxed atmosphere is recognizable in many different areas, the beaches, restaurants and cosy cafes have set the ideal depiction for this beautiful Mediterranean place.

If you could change one thing about Spain, what would it be?

Sometimes, I perceive that there is too much bureaucracy in Spain. Additionally; I miss the sense of urgency within the business environment. There is a kind of lazy attitude towards doing business, especially here in Andalucía.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Outgoing, funny and loyal.

What is your favourite Restaurant and Why?

Without a doubt, that would be ´La lineas´ in Pueblo. It is a great restaurant with an international cuisine. The staff and food are of an extraordinary quality as well.

What is the last film you saw at the Cinema or DVD?

Last week I saw the comedy Soul man, staring Samuel L. Jackson and it really impressed me. It is movie with a typical sense of humor and I really liked.

What advice would you give to someone moving to Spain?

I would recommend everybody to learn Spanish at least a basic level before coming down to Spain. I consider cultural adaptations as extremely important and people have to respect cultural differences at any time. Furthermore, I would like to give everybody the advice to be very patient in the first years after establishment as Spanish people would like to know you better before getting to real action or business.

Name one other business you would recommend on the Costa Del Sol and why?

I recommend Redline Company. Redline was established in 2004 as a graphic design and marketing company but over the years they have expanded into many exciting areas and worked with a wonderful variety of clients enthusiastically assisting them in servicing, building and establishing their business. I would really advice businesses that are struggling with their marketing and graphic design efforts to contact Redline for professional support and advice.

Shameless Self Promotion

Puncture Safe, the puncture preventative polymer gel, tire sealant and tyre life extender.

Puncture safe is designed to help repel punctures, and helps expel objects that may puncture tyres due to its lubricating and conditioning capabilities maintaining rubber recovery.

• Permanent sealant and tyre life extender
• Seals most punctures for the entire life of the tyre
• Aids fuel economy
• Works with speeds up to 150mph/230Kph
• Suitable for almost all tyres in the following vehicles:
• Cars, bikes, scooters, trailers, golf buggies, wheelchairs, HGV, heavy plant and flexibility

Visit for further detailed information or call Simon for a free demonstration (+34) 693917181

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