Simon Wye of Inspirations Marbella

Our marbella people interview today is with Simon Wye.

So Simon, What do you do for a living?

I am the managing director of Inspirations Marbella, a specialist property management company looking after foreign owners and their properties in the Marbella area.

What made you move to the Costa del Sol?

The sun, no sitting on the train, tube or M25, the lifestyle, for my kids and to set up our own business.

Tell us your greatest business or personal accomplishment?

Setting up this company from scratch!

Why would you recommend the Costa del Sol for business and Lifestyle?

The Costa del Sol is so diverse. The cosmopolitan nature of doing business here is huge. Its a great place to work and live, getting up in the morning to clear blue skies, perfect!

If you could change one thing about Spain, what would it be?

Endless paperwork and bureaucracy. arghhhhh

Describe yourself in 3 words

Honest, helpful and generous.

What is your favourite Restaurant and Why?

Currently Jaipur on the Marbella paseo, great curry and people.

What is the last film you saw at the Cinema or DVD?

Not really a cinema man, last watched Avatar on blue-ray.

What advice would you give to someone moving to Spain?

You cannot do it half-hearted. Think hard if this is what and where you want to be. I have known so many people come here thinking its one long holiday, which it isn’t. Concentrate on your goals, look after the your interests and others, integrate into society and pay your taxes..

Name one other business you would recommend on the Costa Del Sol and why?

My mate Arthur’s flower stall at La Cañada, as he quite simply sells the best, freshest flowers.

Shameless Self Promotion

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I work every day to ensure that my owners and their properties are looked after to my best ability.

My staff have the same mindset. Our company dedicates itself to promoting Marbella.

If you are foreign owner that needs assurance that their investment is being cared for, we are the people you should contact.

Inspirations! Marbella
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