Sliced Lomo Iberico by Pedro Lancho

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Appx Weight: 100 grams, 3.5 Oz Sliced
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Among varied Spanish Iberico pork products, Lomo Iberico is one of the finest in the list and some may even argue it’s superiority to the famous Spanish Jamon itself. This acorn-infused pork loin is marinated and traditionally dry-cured before coming to the market.

These particular sliced packs (20X100gm) of Lomo Iberico is cured with salt, garlic and pimentón smoked paprika, and all these keep very little fat and yield a rich smoky flavour.

Produced by Encinar de Cabezón, this lean Iberico pork is for those who want to taste the authentic Spanish Iberico ham. To savour the delight of Lolo Iberico, Spaniards make a very clean cut and serve after drizzling the slices with olive oil.

Lomo Iberico – Dry-cured Pork Loin-sausage

  • Lean Iberico pork
  • Marinated in traditional seasonings and dry-cured
  • Sliced by producer for easy enjoyment
  • Special bulk package for chefs and restaurants

Producer Pedro Lancho, who upon inheriting his grandfather’s finca, has been producing some of the finest Jamon Iberico. His meticulous process of curing jamon has a lot to do with his education at the University of Cáceres under the world’s leading expert on cerdo iberico, Dr Antonio Gáquez.

A small herd of Iberico pigs are scrupulously monitored and the breeding and the whole production process are carried out with intellectual precision.

This particular Lomo Iberico sliced pork meat is produced to a very limited quantity, however, these are of the supreme quality which certainly relish your palate.