Sliced Paleta Iberico by Redondo Iglesias

Thinly sliced delicious Paleta Iberico or the slices of acorn-infused ham shoulder is considered as one of the most exquisite Spanish foods.

Prepared in a traditional method, Paleta Iberico along with a variety of Spanish jamons represents a part of the supreme luxuries of meat world.

The Paleta Iberico de Bellota is the cured shoulder of the finest acorn fed Iberico pigs, cured under the watchful eye of Redondo Iglesias experts.

These free range pigs spend most of their lives in the Dehesa (medieval oak forests) gorging on acorns.

Delicacy of Paleta Iberico

The extended curing process of each Spanish jamon and paleta makes it more appealing bringing in a deep flavour and aroma.

Paleta Iberico has a very similar flavor to the jamon (or back leg). However, because it is smaller and requires less curing, we can offer it to you at a better price.

  • Acorn-Fed Iberico
  • Front shoulder (Paleta)
  • Thinly sliced for immediate enjoyment

Eating Spanish Jamon is a part of daily life for Spaniards, a Spanish ritual that dates back to many centuries. The delicacy of Paleta Iberico de Bellota is served as paper-thin slices at room temperature with wine or sherry.


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