Spanish Chocolate – Almond Turron

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Here is Marcona Almonds with premium Milk Chocolate – one of the finest Spanish nougats available at La Tienda online store. The traditional ‘turron’ candy is just another example of chocolates with extraordinary flavour.

Made with honey and almonds, turron is the Spanish word for nougat, in which we find nuts or fruit pieces in a sugar paste. Throughout Christmas period, turron is very much common in Spanish homes.

As far as this particular almond candy is concerned, Spanish children jump for joy when they see their parents bringing home the first turron of the Christmas season.

Turron recipe

The traditional turron recipe goes back to the Moorish rule in different parts of Spain. It is very well known that almonds and honey are staples of Middle Eastern diet. And turron consists of a verity of ingredients but primarily: honey, sugar, egg white, almonds and lemon.

Fully 25% of this ‘suprema’ quality gourmet bar is loaded with incomparable Marcona almonds. Now, bind together all those delicious whole almonds with rich creamy milk chocolate from the New World, and you come up with an all season treat for the 21st Century.

— 25% top quality whole Marcona almonds

— 75% creamy milk chocolate

— From esteemed producer