Spanish Lavender Honey

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Appx Weight: 7 oz / 200 gr
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Arguably Spain’s favourite honey, this artisan product of lavender flower honey is 100% natural and produced from a variety of flowering plants, primarily around the Mediterranean.

Regarded worldwide as a premium product with a high-quality honey, lavender flavour is very much common in some baked goods and desserts.  This delicate lavender flavour is perhaps the most popular honey in Spain with its fresh and relaxing scent.

  • A Spanish favourite!
  • Delicate lavender flavour
  • 100% Natural

Lavender honey and oil for ages has been used for medicinal purposes. The oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, according to popular folklore, lavender honey is especially good for those with respiratory conditions or asthma.

It has a wonderful flowery flavour and a light colour and consistency. This kind of honey has been valued for its medicinal qualities for centuries.

So, just buy it for different cooking recipe and enjoy its light flowery taste. And don’t forget to give lavender honey salad dressing a try!


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