Spanish Sherry Vinegar by Osborne

Aged cava and sherry vinegar from Spain are very much popular worldwide. Mostly produced in the region of Jerez because of its unique micro climate, typical Spanish sherry vinegar undergoes ageing for at least six months which helps it to bring out a unique full flavoured vinegar.

This premium V.O. Reserva Sherry Vinegar by Osborne is aged in an Oak barrel for a minimum of four years. From the venerable Osborne bodegas of Puerto de Santa Maria comes this delicious sherry vinegar.

The best part of this gourmet sherry vinegar from Spain is that it comes from a very old business family. It was a young gentleman Thomas Osborne who founded the Osborne bodega in the 18th century and even today it runs as a traditional Spanish village.

V.O. Reserva Spanish Vinegar has a brilliant sweet note and vibrant complex flavour. A rich mahogany in colour with full aromatic notes reflects its long oak-aging. This sherry vinegar is mature and balanced with 8% acidity.

• Oak barrel aged
• V.O. Aged a minimum of 4 years
• Vibrant, complex flavor
• Comes with pump sprayer
• 8% acidity

Gourmet Spanish Sherry Vinegar

The production of Spanish sherry vinegar are closely monitored and controlled by the Consejo Regulador. Jerez, known for sherry and brandy production, also holds the recognition of producing some excellent aged sherry vinegar, along with a sweet balsamic and a mild white cava vinegar.

While the Vinagre de Jerez undergoes a minimum of 6 months aging in wood, it is at least 2 years for the Vinagre de Jerez Reserva and a minimum of 10 years aging for the ultimate Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva.