Speed Networking Session in Marbella

Costa Business Club´s next Business Speed Networking Session is on Monday May the 30th at 6pm at Restaurante Amapola in Marbella.

The Speed Networking registration is at 6pm with a prompt start at 6:15 and finishing at 7:45pm. There will be free parking available for the event in Plaza del Mar (please keep your parking ticket and see Heidi at the restaurant).

Heidi and her team are also offering dinner afterwards at 8pm with their new Summer Menu.

Speed Networking: 25 euros / 15 euros CBC Members
Speed Networking + Dinner: 40 euro / 30 euros CBC Members

Costa Business Club Speed Networking Top Tips:

1. Make no prejudgements about the people you are meeting except that they are there with an open mind to buying from you.

2. Make eye contact, positive body language and smile with every person you meet!

3. Prepare your presentation.

4. Take some sort of material with you to give to all with whom you network – sales material – not just a bunch of business cards.

5. Go organised to collect information. A small notepad and pen are ideal. Take an envelope folder with you to collect other peoples information.

6. Listen intently and with genuine interest to the people talking to you. Not only will you maybe hear about products services that might be great for you, but also you will hear buying signals for when you follow them up after the event.

7. After the event follow up every single person you met, even if just to say – Nice to have met you, good luck and maybe we will meet again soon –

For more information on the Speed Networking session and collection of tickets please email: info@costabusinessclub.com or call Sandra on 634 364 131.

Restaurante Amapola
C./Ortega y Gasset l. 87
29600 Marbella


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