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Marbella-SportsKnown as the “Pearl of the Costa del Sol” for its amazing weather and unique natural environment, the resort town Marbella is recognised worldwide for a wide range of recreation and sports activities apart from those travel attractions, luxury hotels, restaurants and the charm of Mediterranean Sea. Peculiar to the characteristic of Spain, people in Marbella are keen participants of soccer, tennis, golf and many other sports.

Because of its exotically sizzling climate, there are a number of sports in offer with excellent infrastructure to make your Marbella tour quite exciting and action-packed. Here you will discover some of your favourite sports.

Golf: Marbella has been called “golfer’s paradise” and the presence of a good number of international standard golf courses, it is indeed one of the very few places with best golfing facilities. You will find beautiful golf courses almost everywhere- right in the middle of the town, along the long coast and the mountain slopes which brings variety and options for different levels of players.

Going by the cosmopolitan nature of this small resort town of Malaga, there are great facilities for golf enthusiasts and this is why Marbella has been a favourite destination for a number of international golfing events. From amateur to professionals, there are golf courses for everyone and even you will find golf academies at various golf clubs in Marbella.

Again if you are on a vacation, you can contact your travel agent to arrange a stay at any golf club to enjoy this selective sport surrounded by nature and sea. The climate with 320 sunny days further allows golf to be popular all year round with high playable standard.

Tennis: If you visit Marbella or nearby areas of Costa del Sol, you will find a number of tennis courts and clubs for players of all ages and standards. There are championship level floodlit hard courts, clay courts and paddle courts equipped with all kinds of facilities, including fitness centre, sauna, restaurant and bars. The surrounding locations with an annual average temperature of 29 degrees C further adds to the scale of enjoyment.

The success of players like Àlex Corretja and Rafael Nadal has completely changed the world of tennis in Spain, and so in Marbella. Youngsters are now showing interest to take tennis as a career and so the authority has been ensuring excellent sports facilities. Being one of the top most tourist destinations in Europe, it also boasts tennis courts for holidaymakers and locals as well.

Soccer/Football: Football is the national game of Spain and hence an integral part of Spanish way of life. Although Marbella is a coast side place, you will still find football grounds equipped with all kinds of training facilities. The Aloha Football Academy (AFA) Marbella is one of the internationally spotted academies in Southern Europe. Open for both girls and boys of age group 6-19 years, it encourages teenager to pursue a career in professional football.

Besides, there are other academies like “The Football Academy” and MPFS professional football training camps those are exceptional places to learn soccer at basics to advance levels. You will get a chance to choose from a wide range of soccer camps, trainings sessions to maximize your ability and skills. At school level, training has been imparted at the very young age to bring that passion and enthusiasms to play at professional level.

Water & Adventure Sports: If you are more into activities like waterskiing, windsurf, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, Marbella is of course the place to go for. There are a host of water sports options to meet your interest and to give you that extreme pleasure. Luxurious beach clubs like the Nikki Beach, Puro Beach and Ocean Club offers facilities for these kinds of sports to entertain their guests.

Besides, you can experience some of the best adventure activities that Marbella has to offer including trekking, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, motor biking and many more that can bring out the passion for travel in you.

With the increasing number of Britons and other expatriates, sports like rugby, cricket, lawn bowls are also becoming popular day by day. Certainly, Marbella has many sports and recreational activities in store while allowing visitors to enjoy its natural wonders in a climate of its own.

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