Tapas Tour in Granada City

Here is a chance to enjoy the typical Andalusian cuisines on your Granada tapas tour, with the mouth-watering taste of tapas and some other dishes.

Granada is one of the cities in southern Spain which has a great tapas culture. And to your surprise, in some parts of the city, you may even find tapas for free.

On your next tapas tour in Granada, you will find numerous tapas bars in almost every corner and streets of the city. However, prior knowledge on the most popular tapas bars can come good for tasting some of the authentic tapas without wasting too much of your time.

Guided Tapas Tour

Guided Tapas tour in Granada city is the best option for those who are visiting this part of Spain with very little knowledge on the culinary culture.

A two-hour tapas tour with an English speaking guide, with extensive knowledge on Granada and the best authentic tapas bars in town is more than enough to meet your gastronomic sensations.

During the evening, your guide will take you to four different locations where everyone takes a drink (Wine, Beer, and Soft Drink) with tapas.

Tapas tour is an ideal activity for couples and families, bigger groups, team building corporate events etc.

Tapas Tour Itinerary

* Meet with your tapas guide
* Tapas and drink in 4 different locations

If you are looking for something that can introduce you to Andalusian culinary art and the food culture, the Granada tapas tour is indeed what you are looking for! For more information on this unique ‘tapas tour’, please click here.

Sample best quality tapas in Granada tapas tour

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