The Russian Army Orchestra, Choir and Ballet to perform in Malaga

On the 5th January the Teatro Cervantes will have The Russian Army Orchestra, Choir and Ballet Company performing a spectacular show-stopping event.

Astonishingly, with over 100 performers on stage, these dancers from Saint Petersburg promise a thrilling show-case of their history and culture which includes scenes interpreted from Russian rural life, love and war, taking you on a fantastic trip to Russia!

About The Russian Army Orchestra:

Known as the “first peace army”, this incredible troupe has managed to capture the most pure essence of Russian folklore alive over the years. During the two biggest struggles of the last century, the Russian Choir and Ballet visited all the fronts and hospitals, bringing songs of hope and love to Russian soldiers which went on to become one of the most famous Russian shows in the world. As the Russian Army Orchestra toured the world they were able to gain knowledge from other folklores and other forms of popular music that would gradually become their unique show.

Directed by Valery Tkachenko, the ballet is made up of some extraordinary artists, both male and female. Some of them are even professional acrobats! It is not hard to watch these incredibly talented dancers perform in their dazzling costumes bringing out true emotion and visual beauty through their original choreography. Some of the most spectacular being the “Ukrainian Dance”, the “Dance of the Soldiers”, the “Dance of the sailors” and “The bells of Russia”.

On stage, with these one hundred artists which includes musicians, dancers and choir, The Russian Army Orchestra is a true ambassador of the culture of their country.

For more information on The Russian Army Orchestra, please call: 952 224 109 or visit their website:

Teatro Cervantes
Calle Ramos Marín, S/N
29012 Malaga

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