The Verdiales Music Festival in Malaga

VerdialesThe Verdiales Music Festival is a lively flamenco-style tradition born in the olive-growing region of Malaga. This major local Festival takes place on the 28th December on the hills above Malaga at La Venta de San Cayetano in Puerto de la Torre.

From noon onwards, the area will be filled with thousands of people and an abundance of bands competing against each other, playing on tambourines, fiddles, violins, lutes and guitars. Dressed in typically bright and wonderful costumes and straw hats decorated with flowers, ribbons, bows and bells, don´t forget to take your camera!

This day is the equivalent of April Fool´s Day and, other than the normal jokers and tricksters, folk from all over will gather to enjoy the local wine and food in this pagan-like, magical atmosphere.

About the Verdiales

Originating near the port of Malaga, Verdiales is based upon the fandango, a flamenco-style courtship dance of Andalucia that literally means, ‘Go and Dance’ . For this reason, the Verdiales are sometimes known as Fandangos de Malaga.

It first developed centuries ago in the Los Verdiales olive-growing region in the north of Malaga and the actual name comes from a type of olive, the “verdial”, that is grown in the area. The word “verdiales” comes from the Latin word for verdant, or green (verde) and thriving.

The performing bands are known as pandas who play joyful songs with the occasional enthusiastic ay with fingers rapidly snapping. The music and dance of the Verdiales is one of the most ancient folk expressions in Europe.

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