Villajos ‘Reserva’ Manchego Cheese

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A wooden box containing one of Spain’s gourmet cheese – the Manchego Cheese – is certainly one of the popular traditional products very much attached to the local food culture. The Villajos Reserva is an authentic handmade, raw sheep’s milk cheese.

Its rich flavour is the result of a 9-month ageing process and that to the traditional method. Manchego cheese is far superior to that of any commercial cheese available in the market. Industrial cheeses are made with pasteurised milk, but this artisan Spanish cheese is made with raw milk from the Manchega breed of sheep.

These Manchega breed sheeps are tended by shepherds in the hills surrounding the village. The family collects the fresh milk from the ewes in milking pails and immediately refrigerate it in order preserve its natural aroma and taste.

The entire production process of Villajos ‘Reserva’ Manchego Cheese is supervised by the Council of the Denomination of Origin of Manchego Cheese. As a result, it yields insuperable taste, full of subtle tones – best to be served with olives and sliced Serrano ham for the authentic flavor of Spain.

Uniqueness of Manchego Cheese ‘Reserva’

You may find several Manchego cheese, but this one stands apart because of its full and complex flavour. It is of the Gold Standard. Packed in a wooden box, it would make a superb gift.

Despite its relatively recent arrival in the cheese marketplace, the beautifully crafted Villajos “curado” earned First Prize for Manchego in 2002, a Silver Medal in 2003 and a Silver Medal in 2006 at the Gran Selección de Castilla La Mancha contest.

  • 3x Award winning artisan sheep’s milk cheese
  • Full, complex flavor
  • Gold standard for Manchego cheese
  • 1.8 kg wheel presented in wooden box – great for gifts!

The Gran Selección is an annual food contest held by the regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha. Products such as wine, Manchego cheese, saffron, extra virgin olive oil, etc. run for a prize in their own categories for ‘best of the year’. It is not an easy achievement to win so many of these prestigious awards during such a short term.