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The headquarter of Youth Delegation of Marbella (Delegacion de Juventud) in collaboration with the Training and Employment department of the Marbella City Council has been offering a programme that aims to guide young people of Marbella in the labour market.

Information Centres of the Delegation of Youth, located in Marbella Knight Roads and in Palacio de Deportes de San Pedro Alcántara, provides a wide range of information, including labour market, job search, jobs in Europe, and organisational contacts and details.

Young people in Marbella, who are interested to take up any job according to their skills or those who want career guidance, may take benefit of this service seeking answer to numerous valid question which come to their mind when they try to enter into the professional field.

As far as job search is concerned, this service provides professional guidance and training to look for work so guaranteed, to develop curriculum and presentation with a face adapted to each offer, and to find best ways to access the job market.

Apart from career goal planning and job training, you can also discuss your business ideas to develop a better business plan besides learning the ways to start your project. Also you can ask for information related to legalities involved and possible grants and aid from government or any other private institutes.

In addition, it also provides information about the job market in Europe, business practice, scholarships and grants, along with details about various European programmes.

Centros de Información de la Delegación de Juventud

Marbella: Knights Road (Calle Caballeros) No 25, 1st Floor. 761 952 185 / 86
San Pedro: Palacio de Deportes de San Pedro Alcántara. 952 780 663
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 21:30 h

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