Apple Ipad 1 64GB with 3G (unlocked for all networks) for Sale in Marbella

Due to upgrading to an ipad mini the other day I am selling my ipad 1 64gb + 3g which is in perfect original condition, with original box. This ipad has no scratches and never been dropped or mishandled. I bought this ipad the day the ipad first came out in Spain and bought it direct from Apple so its not locked to any networks.

To compare prices and see this is a good deal, please see the link below where the same model is selling for new at 439 GBP or 339 GBP refurbished.,mod%3D6&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=16394479462104715631&sa=X&ei=DUzLUI6SBYSp0AWw5YDYAw&ved=0CGoQ8wIwAA

Price: €250 no offers

-original ipad case
– original box
– apple usb sync cable/charger

I can meet either in the centre of Marbella near the main municipal market or in La Cañada near the macdonalds.

Please email me on:


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