Book a Smile Consultation in May

logo-oasisAre you one of those people who are too embarrassed to smile? If you have been thinking of improving your smile, now is the time to start the process.

To coincide with the UK’s National Smile Month, during May we are offering an amazing deal of only 20€ for a smile consultation. This allows you to consult our specialist dentist, Dr. Nina King, and to view expertly prepared images of what your dream smile could look like.

For the month of May only you can take advantage of a huge discount on the total cost of two consultations – the first will be to discuss exactly what you would like to achieve, after which Dr. King will conduct a thorough examination of the aesthetic “smile zone”.

Several different photographic views will be taken at this appointment. These confidential images will then be carefully adapted under the direction of the dentist so that a final result, which is both realistic and achievable, can be produced. A few days later, at the follow up visit, all will be revealed! Dr. King will discuss the images in detail with you, as well as the possible procedures to attain these results.

With this new technology you can easily visualise the result and be much better placed to make informed decisions. These two appointments and the preparation of the images will be offered at a cost of only 20€; normally the imaging process alone costs 40€.

Oasis Dental Clinic’s Dr. Nina King says, “We hope that this will help those contemplating cosmetic changes to sit down with the Oasis Dental team and discuss their goals. We can show people what is really possible and use the images as a template to work towards a wonderful final result.

At a cost of only 20€ they cannot lose! Even if the final decision to go ahead with the desired work is not taken immediately, they can explore the extent of improvement that can be effected. It is true that many of us have learned to live with a flawed smile but that doesn´t mean we really like it.”

Make an appointment now and change your smile forever!



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