Business Seminar on ‘Cultivating Your Business’

Rose & Clavel Chartered Accountants is running an informative seminar on Tuesday 2nd March entitled “Cultivating Your Business”. This two-hour presentation will contain practical, useful information on running and managing a business for predictable results and profit.

Cultivating Your Business will be an interesting, interactive seminar, avoiding technical jargon and illustrated with case studies. It will cover several important subjects which every business should understand, including:

• The importance of management accounts for controlling your business

• Why good housekeeping is key for business-efficiency

• The ins and outs of employment law

• The dangers of missing tax deadlines

• How to speed up debt-collection and improve cash-flow

The seminar will be presented by Susana Serrano-Davey A.C.A, Founder and Director of Rose & Clavel Chartered Accountants. She is a Spanish national who is also a U.K. registered Chartered Accountant and has worked with prestigious firms including PriceWaterhouseCoopers UK. This has given her the understanding of both the Spanish and English systems. Susana is excellent at explaining complex issues in plain English and using practical examples to help business-people get to grips with their compliance responsibilities and learn how to manage their financial affairs more productively.

Cultivating Your Business is part of the Nurturing your Business Seminar program running throughout 2010. To take a look at the full seminar programme, or register your interest for future seminars visit

Key Information
Date: Tuesday 2nd March
Location: Rose & Clavel, Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucia
Time: Two sessions available – 11.00-13.00 and 18.00-20.00
Cost: 25€ per person, first five people to register attend free of charge

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