Contemporary art by young artists from Málaga

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe latest exhibition at Galería Cutarte in Cútar is an exciting new venture by 13 young artists from Málaga city – showing a wide variety of work ranging from painting and photography to installations and performance art. Most of the group are in their mid-twenties and all share an interest in exploring the creative potential their generation of artists – a generation they feel is amongst the least recognised and most affected by the current changes in society.

All the young artists live or work in Málaga city – but several have spent time abroad. Antonio Sanchez is currently a student at The Faculty of Fine Art at Málaga University and has also studied art in Stockholm. “We all get together at the same bars in Málaga and discuss our ideas” he says “that’s how I met those who don’t study with me at the university”

From this meeting of minds has emerged this inspiring new exhibition. And while they share many common ideas, their work is strikingly varied. Antonio Rodríguez uses photography to examine aspects of everyday life. Luis Lisbona makes sculptures which have a more political focus – commenting, for example, on the poorly thought-out policies that left Spain with an unstable economy based on building development. Mary Garlic on the other hand is a fashion design student at San Telmo in Málaga, but she is more interested in pursuing her ideas through her drawings and especially her performance art. [a photograph of Mary Garlic in performance is attached for publication]

The exhibition has been commissioned by Galería Cutarte – a new gallery in the village of Cútar, north-west of Vélez-Málaga set up and managed by four local artists. The Young Artists exhibition is just the first in an exciting programme of exhibitions they are putting together to provide a pioneering showcase for innovative and inspiring work by other artists. They also work with individuals and groups in Cútar on exhibitions that celebrate the culture and creativity of the area – the latest being a portrait of the village seen through handmade artworks and objects made by more than 80 local residents.

“ Latest News: Contemporary Art by young artists from Málaga” opens on July 28th and will be open every Saturday up to and including 25th August from 11.00 – 14.00 and from 18.00-21.00. It will also be open at these times on the 17th and 19th of August for the Cútar Feria. For more information about the exhibition and the gallery see or email



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