For Sale. Reading Glasses with Lights

2glasses LED reading glasses will light up and simplify your life!

Thanks to the small, built-in LED lights, you can add the light you need when reading the menu, trying to fit cables behind the TV or computer, see where you’re going in case of a power cut, or whenever you just need to read without disturbing others.

All at a great value of just 25 EUR, these amazing glasses come with ordinary batteries which are easily replaced after 80-100 hours of use. You can buy them anywhere and no tools are required.

This is the mother of Christmas gifts to all your loved ones.

Light up their lives and you’ll be the light of the party!

Reading glasses with lights!

Price: 25 euros
Location: Marbella

For more information about Reading Glasses with Lightsplease contact the seller below directly
Name: Monica Silverstrand
Tel: 691047160





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