Magic of Syl & Ric’s art works at Passion Cafe!

Sylvie Chadourne and Richard Méric  (Syl & Ric), a couple of Visual Artists based in San Pedro will be performing their new Art Shows on January 30 and 31st of 2010, at Passion Cafe in San Pedro de Alcantara (centro comercial ‘La Colonia’), Málaga.

Theme named as the Upside-down Art Show – An image can hide another, it’s a unique art show with audio-visual presentation, art exhibition and live music. The two-day artistic presentation consists of different act performances.

First of all there will be a slide show of photographs, displayed on a large screen with Live Music, introduces the fascinating world of colours and the art of painting across the ages, followed by an exploration of the ‘Art of Upside-down’ paintings or reversible images, illustrated by some of the most consummate artworks of Arcimboldo, Salvador Dali, and Richard Meric.

Besides, the artists themselves will interact with the audience and later on an exhibition of Richard Meric’s artworks.

Originally from France, Syl with deep interest in photography, writing and singing, experimented in fusing different aspects of art: wood sculptures, gouache. On the other hand, Ric is a great painter and thinker with an academic background in Philosophy. While living in the country side in south of France, he produced numerous paintings.

After meeting Ric, Syl learnt classical techniques of oil painting and enhanced her knowledge of art and techniques of photography. The couple traveled extensively and organized various personal exhibitions, audio-visual shows and continued experimenting on photographs and paintings with abstract and figurative expressions, mostly the beauty of nature.

In 2004, they both moved to the Costa del Sol city Marbella, in the south of Spain.

* For more information about the event, call Syl Chad: (+34) 628 342 317 and/or visit

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