Marbella Christmas shopping signals economic recovery

When economists suggest bold reform measures for Spain to come out of the economic crisis, there are some regions where economic recovery is quite evident. The economy of Spain is slowly emerging from a deep recession, as said by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), but needs structural changes.

Well, this article is not to go deep into the crisis but just an overview how the recent festive atmosphere and shopping in Marbella suggest you a happy impression contrary to the last depressing scenario.

This Christmas in Costa del Sol resort town Marbella, Southern Spain, there is a general cheerful atmosphere all around. Although cold waves in many parts of Europe have toned down Christmas shopping, there is still a positive sign emerging out of the market.

In Marbella, as a sign of economic recovery, retailers are offering numerous special offers in the last few days of Christmas to allure buyers. Shopping centres like El Corte Ingles and La Canada are all alive with red carpet for buyers from morning till evening.

Economy of Marbella

Talking about Marbella, the Costa del Sol city, it was never on the worst side despite the impact of economic slowdown on real estate and tourism sector. Yes, there was considerable downward trend in the tourist inflow; however, the second half of 2010 has had some nice observation with good momentum.

As one of the main drivers and indicators of a sound economy, the property market of Spain in general was all low during 2008 and 2009. Even high tourist friendly areas like Marbella and Costa del Sol were in their lowest point in terms of investment and capital growth.

Nevertheless, there have been considerable improvements in terms of urban planning (PGOU) which certainly encourages buyers. The situation has never been as simple as it looks, but at least now buyers have some kind of clarity, looking at the picture of what is legal and what is not, and so their interest in investment.

After a sharp drop in the last couple of years, Marbella ‘s property market has shown positiveness and so the retail sector. As people are approaching Christmas and the New Year, their festive shopping line shows much hope and aspiration to kick out the appalling economic cloud.

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