Marbella International Film Festival Press Conference

marbella-film-festivalThe Press Conference took place at the Marbella Town Hall on 25th September 2014, announcing the start of the 9th annual Marbella International Film Festival from 1st to 5th October.

Mr Jose Luis Hernandez (Minister of tourism), was accompanied by Mac Chakaveh (Festival director), Marcos Rodríguez (Festival coordinator for Spain) and Jo-Anne Frisa Van Tuijl ( Festival coordinator for Marbella).

Mr Jose Luis Hernandez welcomed the Press and spoke about how the festival is an important cultural event for Tourism in the area. It will also provide numerous opportunities for local businesses and professionals to network, meet and potentially work with the myriad industry insiders.

Established film makers along with up and coming producers, directors, script writers, and actors will be in attendance, at the screening halls of “Palace d congress” during the screening of their films.
Marcos Rodríguez spoke next about the events of this year’s Festival: There will be fifty two film entries from over twenty five countries as far away as Japan , China, south Aftrica, Canda and closer places such as UK, Italy, Germany, France and of course Spain.

There is even a delegation attending from the war torn Kurdistan representing two films from that region.

The categories of films being screened ranges from Features, Shorts, Documentaries, to Animations.

Late Night Classics is another event where classic films such as “some like it hot” , “West side Story” & “Shinning” will be shown in English with Spanish subtitle, at “Palace d Congress” from 9.00pm onwards.

This year the festival also celebrates its association with “BE FREE” gay and lesbian festival, by screening award winning films with gay & lesbian contents.

The screening takes place at Palace d Congress daily, and free tickets could be obtained by visiting

An added incentive to prospective audiences is the prize of a trip for two people to London with a two night stay at a central Hotel and an exclusive tour of the London MIFF2015, which can be won by the member of the public who votes for the winning film.

There will also be workshops presented by Mary Hare, award winning Producer for the BBC & C4.

Brendan Foley, award winning Hollywood Screen Writer, Director, and Producer, and Andy Loveday, the CEO of Carnaby international the well respected sales, distribution and film financing company.

For further information please contact;, or visit
Francesca Abbots
Press and media coordinator
Marbella International Film Festival

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