Mayoress welcomes Marbella Masters

Marbella Mayoress Angeles Munoz, while speaking on the inaugural Puente Romano Marbella Masters 2010 (scheduled from 17th to 19th September), has highlighted the Town Hall’s commitment in presenting Marbella as a world-class sporting venue.

In the last few years, Marbella has been actively involved in hosting various events and activities that have associated its name with top level sports, especially the world of racquet.

Mayoress Munoz said: “Having celebrated Davis Cup Quarter Finals last year and the two editions of the WTA Tournament ‘Andalusia Tennis Experience’, the City is determined to keep the commitment to support and to celebrate international events, like the Marbella Masters.”

“The Marbella Masters will now take place in our city and this will confirm our trajectory in the world of sport, and the effort made by the Town Council to turn Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara into a reference point.”

Adding more, the Mayoress also thanked the event organiser Northern Vision for making it possible to celebrate the tennis of acclaimed sportsmen and women like: Martina Hingis, Sergi Bruguera, Pat Cash, Jeremy Bates, Younes El Aynaoui, Richard Krajicek and Mansour Bahrami.

Marbella Masters is indeed a real luxury for the city which is expected to attract some 15,000 fans to watch some of the world best tennis legends compete over the four nights.

Marbella Masters – Tournament Schedule

Friday 17th September 2010-09-17

Centre Court (play to commence at 18.00)

1          Richard Krajicek vs Younes El Aynaoui

2          Martina Hingis challenger

3          Sergi Bruguera vs Jeremy Bates

4          Mansour Bahrami/Jeremy Bates vs Mikael Pernfors/Richard Krajicek

Court One (play to commence at 18.00)

1          Spain vs Norway Jnrs

2          (Not before 2000) Younes El Aynaoui vs Pat Cash

Saturday 18th September 2010

Centre Court (play to commence at 18.00)

1          Sergi Bruguera vs Mikael Pernfors

2          Martina Hingis challenger

3          Richard Krajicek vs Pat Cash

4          Mansour Bahrami/Younes El Aynaoui vs Sergi Bruguera/Jeremy Bates

Court One (play to commence at 18.00)

1          Spain vs Norway Jnrs

2          (Not before 2000) Jeremy Bates vs Mikael Pernfors

Sunday 19th September 2010

Centre Court (play to commence at 18.00)

1          Martina Hingis challenger

2          Marbella Masters Runners up Final

3          Marbella Masters Final

4          Mansour Bahrami/Pat Cash vs Sergi Bruguera/Richard Krajicek

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