Regrow Your Teeth for Spring with our Special offer on Implants

receptionSpring is the time of year to celebrate rebirth and renewal, so in order to help our clients get into the spirit of the season we are offering a special deal on dental implants. This is an opportunity for you to finally fill in those spaces and turn back the clock as you get your youthful smile back!

For the month of March only you can take advantage of a 20% discount on a single dental implant, plus crown. If you have had extractions in the past and feel embarrassed by the resulting spaces, or if you have difficulty chewing because of several missing teeth then now is a good time to think about your options.

Traditionally either removable dentures or cutting down adjacent teeth to fix bridges were the only treatment options. However now the placement of an implant in the space can act as an artificial root and form an anchor for an overlying single crown or to replace multiple teeth.

Oasis Dental Clinic’s Dr. Nina King says, “Many people have made decisions to have teeth removed. However later on they can regret these decisions especially if the loss of multiple teeth is not only affecting their appearance but also their chewing ability.

In some cases their old dentures may have worked for a while but now they are socially unacceptable as they are loose and are an embarrassment for the patient when he is out in public. Loss of one’s teeth can have huge negative impacts on the patient’s life and we now have the technology to change this.

Our aim in March is make this dental implant technology a realistic option for these patients by offering a significant 20% discount on an implant and crown as well as other implant discounts.

So hopefully this March offer will result in more of our clients having confidence in their smile.”

Make an appointment now for your own Spring clean!

Oasis Dental Clinic is based in Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Marbella.

To find out more or to make an appointment contact Oasis Dental Clinic on +34 952 766 357, or visit

Have confidence in your smile!


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