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Address Details: C/ Andrés Bello, 6, Málaga, 29190, Málaga
Contact Telephone: 952101095

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We are restorers of antique furniture craftsmen high quality perform reliable and unique reproductions of antique furniture.
Specialists in handcrafted inlays and gold.

In our work, both in restoration and in reproduction continue using the techniques and materials of the period, (Ivory,pearl, pearl, gold 24, silver, tortoiseshell, stones semi-precious stones, etc …)

Our restoration workshop began in Geneva (Switzerland) where we worked for the nobility and manor houses of many countries within and outside Europe.

For instance, we were in charge of the furniture restoration and maintenance of the Prince Aga Khan’s castle in Geneva for several years and we worked for his family as well. In addition, we performed numerous works for Mr. Salmanowitz, the Princess of Liechtenstein, Altawill Sheikh, the president of the Republic of Geneva, Mrs. Hassid (President’s wife of Ottoman Banks) and Rothchild, among many other big names.

Moreover, we have restored furniture that belonged to the French court. In our work, we apply the same ancient techniques to restore which were used in the time of furniture production. We utilize the proper types of wood for frames to fit in with the furniture style and we apply animal glue for mounting and assembling, without using nails or screws. We glue the furniture wood veneer with animal glue by hand.The restoration of marquetry is done by hand following the ancient secrets of the experts (the tinting of wood, shading, etc).

Likewise, we also worked brass, bone, mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell, etc. We also restore furniture containing all types of inlays such as semi-precious stones, brass, silver, ivory, etc.The furniture with golden parts is restored by using real gold leaf.

For waxing, we use natural waxes made by using the ancient recipes of cabinetmakers. In the furniture finish, the varnish is applied by hand with a ‘polishing rag’ by using the technique of the real French ‘vernis Martin’.

In addition, we restore the black lacquered Napoleon III style furniture.  Finally, we would like to point out that we always try to retain the maximum age of furniture, restoring only what is necessary without losing the original value of the piece.

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