An absolute delight at Nikki Beach Marbella

Nikki-Beach-ClubStarting from Miami to Marbella, Nikki Beach has earned its most deserved status while hosting some of world’s renowned celebrities and socialites. Talking about Marbella’s beach club, Nikki, in fact, goes with the colour and glamour of this luxurious Spanish resort town. Its unique and incredible beach atmosphere makes it a must visit place in your trip to this part of Costa del Sol.

Located just 15 minutes drive from Marbella city centre; most of time Nikki Beach Club is seen packed with high-profile guests soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine and enjoying cocktails or champagne with rhythmic background music. Certainly, beach lovers will find the ambiance relaxed with outstanding services and a guarantee of absolute amusement.

Here, guests can party all day long and even on special events till dawn as the ultimate destination for relaxation. The club has lot in its menu to draw the interest of those party enthusiasts with chilling out session at the sun beds, blistering summer evening shows, fantastic cuisines, and when all congregate with an endless music and champagne spraying.

Taking the fulsomeness of summer holidays in Spain, especially a region like Marbella in the Spanish Costa del Sol that boasts Europe’s most favourable climate, Nikki Beach Club is just another extension to a sensational outing. It attracts the people with seriously rich and this can be noticed from the crowd during its “White Opening Party” each year in May.

Although the beach opens in April, the White Opening Party is an official welcome bash that marks the start of clubbing season. During the party, the beach has its own dress code with complete white. The season ends with a similar event known as “Red Closing Party” with a fascinating farewell. Of course, the beach is now very much an excellent party venue in Marbella.

The food at Nikki is not that cheap, which is quite understandable with its brand name, but it is renowned for serving up some great lunch and dinner which on the whole would definitely meet the level of your satisfaction. Every summer, the chief of the Executive Chef guides a delicious menu, and his creations are quite unique with a mixture of different varieties from European, Asian, to South American flavour.Nikki-Beach-Club-Marbella

On a beachside dining, lunch or dinner menu primarily has a delectable list of Sushi food, along with appetizer, salads, sandwiches and desserts to choose from. However, with your favourite wine or simply a nice bottle of champagne, or the best of Spain “Sangria”, dine under a starlit sky facing the endless sea will agreeable be the best.

Visitors who are fond of water sports looking at the pristine beach line, there are an array of sporting activities on offer. However, if you just want to enjoy a quiet time of your own, simply a sip of your favourite cocktail while enjoying the panoramic view of emerald green water would be soothing enough for a lovely vacation.

If you are new to this exclusive chain of Nikki Beach clubs, it’s advisable not to miss those wildest and most lavishly designed parties all year long. Every year, there is something new on the floor with the best of atmosphere to dance and drink for. However, it’s better to book your place in advance.

Apart from the stylish opening and closing parties, some other highlights of the beach include the world famous Amazing Sunday’s to party the weekend away with music, entertainment and champagne showers; Thursday’s “People Night Hacienda”, and some other new events with the regular Full Moon Parties. International Star DJ’s and professional musicians make the tone of the time purely relaxing with a range of chill-out tunes.

Nikki Beach remains in action from April till October but the timings of daily routine activities vary during these periods. From April 6 to May 28, the club is open from 11 am till 8 pm, while it is 10 am to 12 am during May 28 and September 1, and after that the regulation hour till the Red Closing Party in October is morning 11 to evening 8 O’ clock.

This international beach club brand was launched in Miami in 1997 by entrepreneurs Jack and Lucia Penrod and Eric Omores. So far, this has been a huge success among beach lovers all across the world with clubs centres in St. Tropez, St. Barths, Toronto, Hollywood, Sardinia, and New York amongst others.

For more information about Nikki Beach Marbella and upcoming events, visit The beach is located at Playa Hotel Don Carlos, Ctra de Cádiz, Km. 192, 29600, Marbella, Malaga (Spain).

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