Andalucía Technology Park to come up in Marbella

andalusia-tech-parkThe present Andalucía Technology Park or Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) located in Malaga is all set to expand into Marbella region considering the economic growth and the need for regional technological developments. The new site is outlined to be established in the Guadaiza area of San Pedro Alcántara covering some 197 hectares.

By the Territorial Plan for the Costa del Sol (POT), the land which is now occupied by 300 privately owned estates can be used for this purpose. The area which has been levelled as “area of opportunity” and drawn in accordance with the Plan Especial de Guadaizo has huge potential to build yet another high-tech zone.

Marbella has always been one of the most favoured holiday destinations in Europe aside the ever booming property market; hence, it offers right opportunity for further investment. As per the latest decision of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business, Junta de Andalucía, the technological park would come up in public (Marbella Old Town)-private partnership.


With the emergence of autonomous region in Spain, regional governments took the idea of technological park as a model for regional economic developments. The Junta de Andalucía and Malaga Town Council worked together to bring this ultra-modern sight in order promote SMEs and large companies. On December 1992, the tech park of Malaga was officially inaugurated.

Located just 13 km from the Malaga city centre, 7 km from the Teatinos campus of the University of Malaga, and just 6 km away from the International Airport, the Parque Tecnologico facilitates various companies and industries to develop world-class product and services.

The park has also signed bilateral agreements between companies and institutions of the park and other external bodies to foster technological co-operation. In an agreement, the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga offers the companies in the Park to take part in a number of International Trade Fairs and also to inform companies the possible economic aids for these.

Again with the likes of International Association of Science Parks (IASP) which has over 350 members from 71 countries, the Andalucía Technology Park easily exchanges experience and information in terms of scientific and technological knowledge thereby building an international cooperation network, meeting the needs of global market in the end.

Starting from assisting the preincubation projects to the innovation of new technology and their promotion for the socio-economic development, the University of Malaga has also been playing an important role in the establishment and further development of the Park. University researchers and professionals from many multinational companies have been working collectively in the developments of new products. This is also yielding in training young pupils and catching their interest in various innovative projects.

ADDRESS: Technological Park of Andalusia, C. María Curie- 35, Sede Social, 29590 Campanillas, Málaga ESPAÑA.

In view of the success and share of Andalucía Technology Park in regional economic growth, a similar establishment in Marbella will greatly promote various enterprise growth and employment generation. This will create an entirely new dimension and avenues for future business adding value to modern economy, outside the usual tourism industry and real-estate market.

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