Andalusian Horses

The Andalusian horses  of Jerez are the crème de la crème of the “Pura Raza Española” (pure Spanish breed) horses and their origins can be traced back thousands of years!

In fact the great philosopher, Aristotle, in the fourth century BC was a great fan of Andalusian horses!

The blood stock was improved over the centuries and now these beautiful Andalusian horses are world renowned for their beautiful pace, their grace, their nobility, their spirit and, importantly, their docility and desire to please and learn.

European royalty for centuries chose the Spanish Andalusian horses as numerous famous paintings depict.

Andalusian horses & School of Equestrian Art

The “Real Escuela de Arte Equestre” or “The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art “was founded in Jerez de La Frontera ,in the province of Cadiz, in 1973.

The aim was to preserve and promote these beautiful Andalusian horses and to further develop the fantastic training and horsemanship ,which is virtually unmatched in the world (in fact the Lipiziana horses of the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna are also of pure bred Spanish stock).

Tourism in Spain was just beginning to pick in the seventies so a wonderful public exhibition and show was devised which has gone from strength to strength.

The riding school is based in the complex known as El Recreo de Las Cadenas,a palace and grounds built and designed by Charles Garnier in the nineteenth century. Garnier also designed the Paris Opera House!

The main riding exhibition is called “Como bailan los Caballos Andaluces” which can be loosely translated as “How wonderfully the Andalusian horses dance”, is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.00, with extra shows on Wednesday at 12.00 in August.

In the busy months booking in advance is recommended-these shows are very popular.

The show last about an hour and a half and is based on traditional dressage and Spanish doma vaquero (literally translated as cowboy horse domination!) movements.

However these sometimes rather formal movements are put together in a fantastic equestrian ballet which shows off the unique qualities of these horses to perfection.

Traditional Spanish music accompanies the ballet. The horses are so proud and can clearly be seen to be having a fantastic time.

We mustn’t forget the riders only, whose training takes years as well!

Andalusian horses exhibition

If your company or group wants to see the Andalusian horse exhibition in a more private atmosphere the School can arrange can arrange an exclusive show.

A chance to see these noble beasts performing at close range would surely soften the heart of even the most stubborn client!

As well as the exhibition itself visitors can attend training sessions, visit the stables and saddlery, and checkout the Carriage and Equestrian Art Museum.

Just the thing for a birthday treat for those horse-mad little girls!

The popularity of these Andalusian horses has obviously lead to competition and along the coast there are other excellent shows.

The “Ritmo a Caballo” show at El Ranchito in Torremolinos is held every Wednesday at 5.45.

The Escuela de Arte Ecuetre Costa Del Sol, in Estepona, also holds regular exhibitions (+34 952 8077) and the Finca Siesta, also in Estepona, holds equestrian shows every Sunday (+34952 790 190).

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