Baby Jumping Festival in Spain

The village of Castillo de Murcia, near Burgos, has a lot in its tradition and custom than bullfighting, cuisine, historic monuments and natural beauty. This time it’s the infamous and a bit provoking Baby Jumping Festival.

Known as El Colacho, the baby jumping festival is considered as an evil tradition by many, but interestingly it has been practiced since 1620s.

Although its origin is somewhat vague with no credible reference down the line, the festival is indeed in the list of Feast and Carnivals in Spain.

Every year during the month of June, locals of Castrillo de Murcia gather together in the street to witness and to be a part of this traditional baby-jumping festival. The festival is itself a part of the larger celebration Catholic feast of Corpus Christi observed throughout Spain.

The Corpus Christi is widely celebrated in Spain with street parades, processions and mystery plays.

Custom in Baby Jumping Festival

During the El Colacho act, new born babies are placed on mattresses and grown men dressed as the devil jump over these infants. Yes, this is one of the most bizarre and a bit scary events but locals celebrate this with much fervour.

With such unusual practice, people try to cleanse all evils and sins. Adult males who jump over the babies as incarnated devils take away all evils shadows and ensure safe passage through life and guard against any illness and evil spirit.

The origin of this tradition and practice are unknown; nevertheless, the celebration is an example of the mix of traditional Spanish folklore and religion.

Spain has impressive traditions and customs with great cultural variations, but festivals like La Tomatina-the tomato chucking festival and the bull-running fiesta are considered as queer celebration.

As far as the baby jumping festival is concerned, apparently, the Pope Benedict has asked the local priest to distant themselves from this tradition.

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